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Wildfire Fuels Training Materials for Foresters

Frontera Forest Solutions, Inc. has partnered with the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) to develop Wildfire Fuels Training Materials for Foresters. This program is designed to meet the growing need for highly trained fuels and wildfire professionals in British Columbia through standardizing training procedures of fire and fuel management.


Designed to be practical, hands on training for basic wildfire fighting skills, this program is one part of a larger comprehensive fuels and fire training program that will also address prescribed fire, theoretical and higher level planning.

The Wildfire Fuels Training Program will result in a set of professional development workshops designed for forest professionals and land managers who work (or intend to work) in fuels and wildfire disciplines. In these workshops, participants will develop and enhance their skills in the areas of core fuels and fire training. Topics include data compilation for basic fire prediction for wildfire and prescribed fire, field data collection, fuel type and fuel loading assessments, and completing Wildfire Threat Assessment Worksheets. 


In order to ensure these training materials are current, relevant, and not redundant, the Frontera team is conducting background research and assessment on guidance and training related to fuels and fire in BC, as well as in Canada and internationally. We will also be working in consultation with forest practitioners, outside professionals, academics, leaders in wildfire curriculum development to produce the most relevant and valuable training to the discipline. 


Frontera is committed to developing a dedicated, consistent and standardized wildfire and fuels training program that builds upon the strengths of fuels and fire guidance publications  that have been previously developed by the ABCFP, MFLNRORD, the BC Wildfire Service, as well as local experts. Fuels and fire training is an evolving practice, and we believe this type of training program will promote the overall progression of the discipline through knowledge exchange and increased collaboration.


If you have any questions about this project, or if you would like more information, please contact Nick Soverel - nsoverel@fronterasolutions.ca 


Frontera was contracted by Lil’wat Nation to develop a 100+ ha burn plan for a grass fuel type near Mt. Currie, BC. Frontera managed the entire project, including working with wildfire behaviour specialists and researchers. Frontera partnered with local governments, fire departments and the Pemberton BC Wildfire Service to develop this multi-agency approved burn plan.  The goal is to implement the plan in the Fall of 2020.


Lil̓wat Nation River Valley Burn and Prescription Plan


(Pre-Treatment Condition, Lil’wat Nation)


(Example active burn)

Immediate Post.png

(Example: Immediate Post-Burn Condition)

Community FireSmart and Fuels Webmap Visualization Tool

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Example of the FireSmart Webmap Visual. Tool.

Xwísten (Bridge River Indian Band)

Frontera’s team assisted the Xwisten community in regaining FireSmart recognition through community education and planning. The comprehensive Community FireSmart Plan developed by Frontera included FireSmart home assessments to determine overall wildfire risk ratings for neighbourhoods and subsequent recommendations for further fire protection activities. In addition, a web mapping tool was developed to enhance community inclusivity and encourage continuing participation in the FireSmart program.


Frontera collaborated with local consultancy, Coldstream Ecology to provide X’wisten FireSmart planning services in 2019 and 2020. Frontera has developed and is implementing the FireSmart rebate program using our FireSmart Webmap Visualization Tool.


Operational Fuel Treatments

Lil̓’wat Nation, District of Mackenzie, District of North Vancouver

Frontera provides development and supervision of operational fuel treatments in order to ensure vegetation and fuel management objectives within a Fuel Management Prescription are achieved in the most cost-effective manner.

Frontera lead and managed a crew of four to develop an approximately 500 ha fuel management prescription along Highway 39 near the District of Mackenzie. Frontera worked with UNBC professors, local woodlot owners and the BC Wildfire Service to develop both a mechanical fuel management prescription and prescribed burn plan. Parts of the Highway 39 prescription are being implemented currently.



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