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At Frontera, we're proud to work with a wide variety of stakeholders. We're experienced at helping develop and implement dynamic solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.

Multi-faceted forest management for the Líl'wat Nation
Featured Project
River Valley Burn Plan & Operations
Frontera developed a 100ha professional burn plan in collaboration with Líl'wat Nation and BC Wildfire Service (Pemberton Fire Zone).

The first burn occurred at the end of March, 2021.
Mechanical Fuel Management
We've written and supervised numerous mechanical fuel management projects within the traditional territory of the Líl'wat.

This has involved the ongoing supervision of active harvesting operations across 100 ha.
FireSmart Hazard Assessments & Implementation
Frontera has worked for and supports the Líl'wat FireSmart Coordinator in implementing FireSmart principles across the traditional territory, with a focus on the homes of elders.

Work has been completed on 75 homes.
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fire 2.jpeg
Fuels curriculum development and training for the ABCFP
Curriculum Development
Frontera developed a 5-day curriculum for beginner foresters working in the fire and fuel management sector.

The process involved collaboration with the BC Wildfire Service, the ABCFP, and wildfire experts and consultants from across British Columbia.
Week-long Training
In October 2021, we hosted a 5-day training course pilot for 20 students, conducted remotely.

The course also included a full field day in Logan Lake, BC.
Tactical Planning & Fuel Management for FLNRO
Northeast Region Plan & Prescription
Frontera led the development of a Regional Tactical Fuel Management Plan, including all field work, wildfire risk reduction polygons, info sharing and consultation.

We also developed over 700 ha of fuel management prescriptions for 3 communities within the region – Fort Nelson, Tumbler Ridge and Wonowon.
PG District Tactical Planning
We're currently leading the development of a Fuel Management Tactical Plan for the entire Prince George District. 

This project includes managing all field work, risk assessments and report writing.
Sea to Sky District Fuel Management
Frontera was awarded two sets of fuel management contracts for the Sea to Sky district.

This project included the development of six different fuel management prescriptions in unique forest ecosystems across 150 ha.
Fuel Management & Prescriptions for District of Mackenzie
Highway 39 Fuel Management
Frontera led and managed a basic risk assessment for the Highway 39 corridor, which identified key risk areas and areas for further fuel management prescription development.

We then led all aspects of field work, analysis and application of prescription development for 500 ha along Highway 39.
TU 25-68.JPG
Parks and Rec Fuel Management
Frontera has assisted in developing prescriptions within the District, including areas within its parks and recreation areas totalling 40 ha.
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FireSmart Planning & Implementation
We've worked with the District's FireSmart Coordinator to aid on FireSmart planning and implementation across the district.
Distribution Line-8 M Above Ground.jpg
Burn Planning & Fuels Mapping for X'wisten Nation
FireSmart & Fuels Webmap
Frontera worked with Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions to build an interactive and educational organization system to house all of X'wisten's FireSmart and forestry fuels information.

The webmap system is being utilized by Band staff for ongoing data entry and leadership decision making.
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Prescribed Burn Planning
Frontera and Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions are developing burn plans for approximately 100 ha in and around the community.

These burns will further reduce fuels in areas that have already been manually treated to better support the healthy, fire-adapted forest ecosystems that currently exist.
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Cultural Burn Operations
Frontera is supporting the Band in all aspects of implementing a cultural burn of 40 ha near the community, in collaboration with the BC Wildfire Service.
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