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Building Community Resilience and Promoting Sustainable Forestry: Our Comprehensive Services

Community resilience to wildfire

Building Community Resilience Against Increasing Wildfire Threats

At Frontera Forest Solutions, we take great pride in our mission to build community resilience and promote sustainable forestry practices in the face of increasing wildfire threats.

Through our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and environmental stewardship, we offer a comprehensive range of specialized services that contribute to the development of wildfire-resilient communities and a sustainable approach to forestry management.

Wildfire Risk Assessment and Management

We excel in conducting thorough wildfire risk assessments, leveraging advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to analyze various factors such as vegetation density, topography, weather patterns, and historical fire data.

This allows us to gain deep insights into the unique risks faced by each community, enabling us to develop tailored strategies and action plans that mitigate wildfire threats and enhance community safety.

Prescribed burn

Prescribed Burning and Fuel Management

Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, we develop prescriptions for prescribed burning and fuel management programs to reduce wildfire risks. Our skilled team recommends the strategic removal of excess vegetation and creation of firebreaks, empowering communities to create defensible spaces that decrease the intensity and spread of wildfires.

Through our expertise in prescribed burning, we align with sustainable forestry practices, promoting forest health, reducing fuel loads, and helping prevent catastrophic fires.

Community Engagement, Education and Collaboration

Community engagement, education, and collaboration are at the core of our work at Frontera Forest Solutions. We actively collaborate with local governments, First Nations communities, stakeholders, and research institutions to understand their unique needs and concerns. By conducting educational workshops, presentations, and training sessions, we enhance community awareness of wildfire risks and foster a culture of preparedness.

Our commitment to community empowerment extends to collaboration. We forge strong partnerships with organizations and initiatives dedicated to building community resilience and promoting sustainable forestry practices. We also specialize in helping communities secure grant funding in order to support their ongoing wildfire efforts. Through this collaborative approach, we are building a broader network that drives knowledge exchange, shares best practices, and fosters innovation.

Community forestry education

Indigenous Partnerships and Traditional Knowledge Integration

We deeply value the wisdom held by Indigenous communities and recognize the importance of integrating traditional knowledge into our wildfire management strategies. Our close collaboration with Indigenous communities allows us to respect their cultural heritage and incorporate traditional practices into our forest management plans.

By embracing Indigenous perspectives and expertise, we promote a holistic approach to wildfire resilience that respects the land, fosters sustainability, and preserves cultural values.

Innovative Technologies and Data-Driven Approaches

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as GIS mapping, remote sensing, and data analytics, we drive our wildfire management strategies forward. Our skilled GIS team integrates spatial data and advanced modeling techniques to assess fire risks, develop simulations, and optimize resource allocation.

By harnessing the power of data-driven approaches, we empower decision-makers with actionable insights, supporting the development of effective wildfire prevention and response strategies.

Our Ongoing Commitment

At Frontera Forest Solutions, our commitment to empowering communities, promoting sustainable forestry practices, and building wildfire resilience is unwavering. Through our expertise in wildfire risk assessment, prescribed burning, community engagement, Indigenous partnerships, innovative technologies, and collaboration, we aim to continue being a trusted partner in creating wildfire-resilient communities and advancing sustainable forestry practices. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we strive to safeguard communities, preserve ecosystems, and promote a sustainable future for generations to come.


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Frontera Forest Solutions is a forestry consultancy located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. With clients all around Western Canada, Frontera specializes in helping communities develop wildfire resiliency though innovative forest management an urban forestry, grant writing and training and curriculum development.

To explore how we can work with your community, reach out here.


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