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Collaborating for Change: Driving Sustainable Forestry Practices and Effective Wildfire Management

effective wildfire management

Collaboration and Partnership in Forest Management

When it comes to forest management, collaboration and partnership aren’t just buzzwords.

To really promote sustainable forestry practices and drive meaningful change in wildfire management, it's essential to form long-term partnerships and trust with stakeholders at every level. These types of relationships are at the heart of developing impactful solutions to address the complex challenges faced by our communities.

Working with Government Agencies for Effective Wildfire Management

Forestry companies today must work closely with government agencies responsible for wildfire response and forestry management to ensure alignment with regulatory frameworks, policies and best practices. Through ongoing communication, consultations, and joint decision-making processes, we can build strong partnerships that strengthen our collective ability to mitigate wildfire risks. This type of collaboration allows us to integrate our specialized knowledge and on-the-ground experience, to create comprehensive and effective wildfire management strategies that serve the communities we work with.

At Frontera, we recognize the importance of engaging with government agencies and local governments to effectively serve the First Nations, municipalities, and community forests we work with. By working closely with these entities, we gain valuable insights into specific needs, concerns, and priorities, enabling us to develop tailored wildfire management approaches that address the unique challenges of each community.

We actively collaborate with the Ministry of Forests and BC Wildfire Service to align our efforts and develop comprehensive wildfire management strategies that integrate tactical plans, fuel management prescriptions, and other critical elements of wildfire planning. The BC Wildfire Service serves as a valued reviewer and collaborator for wildfire mitigation and planning, contributing to our projects’ effectiveness and ensuring that our initiatives are in line with best practices and regulatory standards.

wildfire management

First Nations and Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Solutions

Inclusive solutions are the most effective solutions. Companies must prioritize stakeholder engagement at every step – conducting meaningful consultations, workshops and collaborative decision-making processes. This ensures that diverse voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the community. Collaboration is built on trust and long-term relationships. This means maintaining open lines of communication, transparency, and mutual respect.

At Frontera, we understand that fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility among stakeholders helps to strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of our initiatives, while also garnering acceptance and support from the community. We value the trust placed in us by our partners and stakeholders and strive to consistently deliver on our commitment to the well-being of the communities we serve.

This commitment to collaboration extends to our partnerships with First Nations communities. We recognize the traditional knowledge and unique connection Indigenous communities have to the land. Through consultations and ongoing collaboration, we integrate Indigenous perspectives and practices into our wildfire management strategies. We’re dedicated to working hand-in-hand with First Nations to empower them to actively participate in the decision-making process and support their self-determination in forest stewardship.

Building a Healthier Future Together

Multi-level collaboration is a critical piece for developing sustainable forestry practices and effective wildfire management strategies that meet collective our goals and protect our communities. Forestry companies must work closely with government agencies so that we can effectively meet the needs of the communities and clients we serve.

At Frontera, we work closely with the Ministry of Forests and BC Wildfire to leverage their expertise and ensure our work is aligned with their strategic plans. We partner with district offices, local governments and First Nations to gain insights into their community-specific needs and empower them to be stewards of their own land.

By engaging partners and stakeholders at every level, we work hard to ensure that diverse voices are heard and that solutions address the unique and ever-changing challenges faced by communities. Through trust, transparency, and long-term relationships, we can all drive positive change and build a future where communities and forests thrive together.


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Frontera Forest Solutions is a forestry consultancy located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. With clients all around Western Canada, Frontera specializes in helping communities develop wildfire resiliency though innovative forest management an urban forestry, grant writing and training and curriculum development.

To explore how we can work with your community, reach out here.

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