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Frontera Forest Solutions: Redefining Forestry with Innovation and Collaboration

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Vancouver Forest Solutions

Our Background and Mission

In Spanish, “frontera” means “frontier”. For us, it’s a reminder of our unique position as a company. Since Frontera began in 2018, our focus has been on tackling the challenging new problems at the forefront of our industry – acknowledging the value of traditional forestry practices, while always looking ahead to a better future.

Frontera was formed around a deep desire to solve the complex issues facing our forests and the communities that surround them. With almost 20 years of land management experience, our founder Nick Soverel has had a firsthand view of the changes taking shape across the industry - particularly regarding the rights of Indigenous people and the health of our forests. It’s through this lens that he became convinced of the need for a new approach to practising forestry in our province – one that embraces emerging science, encourages genuine collaboration and advocates for sustainable practices that protect our forests and the communities who depend on them.

What started as a passion project for Nick soon evolved into a fast-growing company with an office in North Vancouver, field operations all across BC, and a small but diverse team of professionals who share his desire for change. Now approaching our 5-year anniversary, Frontera’s team remains committed to building and deepening relationships in every community we work with.

Innovative Solutions: How We Tackle Forestry Challenges Holistically

Diversity & Collaboration

At the core of Frontera’s approach is an emphasis on both community and collaboration. We know the value of working alongside people with varied backgrounds and skill sets. For that reason, we seek to engage with diverse perspectives on every project – across our staff, contractors and community stakeholders – to find innovative, sustainable solutions for the problems facing our forests.

Learning & Education

Frontera puts an emphasis on ongoing learning and education by maintaining strong relationships with universities and staying on top of current research. We apply what we learn to every project to find new, more effective ways of protecting land, recreational spaces, spiritual practices, and the other unique values important to every community. Staying true to our collaborative ethos, we host training programs and support educational resources to help other professionals and community members learn with us.

Community-centred Services

Frontera excels in a wide range of services, including wildfire resiliency, forest management, urban forestry, GIS, and grant writing. We prioritise projects that help communities such as First Nations and local governments build resilience against wildfire and ensure effective, sustainable management of forests.

Our small professional team has an eye for detail at every step – from finding and securing relevant grants to fund your projects to boots-on-the-ground field work, using advanced technologies like GIS and drones for accurate data collection and analysis. This multi-faceted approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that navigate the complex demands of sustainable forestry, benefiting both the environment and the communities we serve.

A Sustainable Future: Long-Term Planning and Collaboration

We believe that sustainability is an ever-changing process that requires continuous consideration and adaptation . The same goes for our work at Frontera; while we take immediate action in real-time, our focus remains on the long-term vision for every community.

The complex challenges we face today require a more thoughtful, flexible, and proactive approach than the traditional reactive approach. Frontera’s plans, recommendations, and prescriptions identify the deficiencies within communities and prescribe realistic action items to help our clients to help themselves for the long-term.

Forest Solutions in Vancouver and Beyond

With a team of passionate individuals committed to making a positive impact in the world, Frontera strives to go far beyond that of a typical forestry company. By facilitating engagement from diverse perspectives, fostering community collaboration and taking a creative approach to problem solving, we offer a fresh perspective in an industry often encumbered by outdated practices.

Frontera’s solutions cater to the needs of each community and provide a pathway towards a safer and more sustainable future. Together we can do better to protect our forests and our communities from wildfire and degradation. Reach out to us today to explore how we can work together to protect your community.


Frontera Forest Solutions logo

Frontera Forest Solutions is a forestry consultancy located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. With clients all around Western Canada, Frontera specializes in helping communities develop wildfire resiliency though innovative forest management an urban forestry, grant writing and training and curriculum development.

To explore how we can work with your community, reach out here.

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