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Zoltán Mityók

Associate Forester


Zoltán enjoys applying both his extensive education and work experiences to the study and resolution of environmental issues. His broad experiences have exposed him to a range of ideas and perspectives that have left a great impact on him in countless ways. He completed a thesis-based MSc at the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Forestry, eventually joining Frontera Forest Solutions Inc. nearly four years ago as a forester in training. He is currently an Associate, working on the leadership and management of multi-year projects in fuel management operations, research monitoring, and predictive wildfire behaviour modeling.


Zoltán has accumulated a diverse range of experiences over the years, including published research, working in multiple stages of forest development from timber cruising to tree planting supervision, arboriculture, project management, algorithm development for cryosphere mapping, wildlife habitat prediction, and wildfire behaviour modeling.​


Zoltán enjoys running, tennis, weightlifting, DIY, hiking, road trips, guitar, reading, movies, video games, and conversation. His likes and interests include philosophy, natural sciences, history, and stand up.

Zoltán Mityók
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