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forested community in BC, Canada

FireSmart Community Funding & Supports

Who's eligible?

All local governments and First Nations in British Columbia are eligible to receive support from the UBCM Funding and Supports program.

First Nations community
Prescribed forest burn

What's it for?

This funding supports activities that reduce community risk from wildfire, including:

  • Wildfire Planning

  • Vegetation Management (Fuels and Prescribed Fire)

  • Legislation/Bylaws

  • Education

  • Community Development

  • Interagency Cooperation, and

  • Cross Training Structural and Wildfire staff

How much is available?

Depending on the degree of wildfire risk in the community, applicants may apply for up to $200,000 per year.

New this year, applications can extend to 2 years, or up to $400,000 in total.

forest professional assessing tree
wildfire fighters putting out grass fire

What's the deadline?

Applications for the 2024 intake open October 1st, 2023 and close December 31, 2024.

Frontera will be accepting clients for our first round of intakes until the end of October, 2023.

Forest Aerial View

How We Help

Our experienced team takes the lead to help your community through the entire process.

Risk Class & Eligibility

The higher your community's risk class, the more money you're eligible to receive. When applicable, Frontera will advocate for a community to be considered in a higher risk class, and therefore be eligible for more funding. We always fight for our clients to get as much support as possible.

GIS Mapping

CRI requires PDF maps and KML files of community AOI (area of interest) and hectares of eligible WUI (wildland urban interface). Our experienced GIS team is adept at following guidelines to put everything together quickly and efficiently

Supporting Documentation

We put together all the required supporting documents, such as previous CWRP/CWPP, FMPs to support treatment, FireSmart plans or assessments, etc

Planning & Budgeting

Frontera works with your community to determine the best activities to apply for based on your risk and any past wildfire/FireSmart work. We develop budgets for all line items, including more complex budgets such as hiring a FireSmart coordinator and critical infrastructure mitigation work.


All applications must be developed in collaboration with BCWS (for local governments) or FNESS (for First Nations). We take the lead on all relevant correspondence, reviews and revisions by proactively reaching out to the appropriate organization for advice and revisions. This can involve lengthy email chains, phone calls, etc.


We carry out any and all required revisions and continue correspondence with UBCM until the application is approved. If needed, we go to bat for our clients to advocate for a better funding outcome.

Post-approval Meetings

Once approved, we are happy to support the community by attending post-approval meetings. We're experienced at providing ongoing support and education to multiple levels of your community.

Final Reporting

When CRI final reporting is due, we're happy to continue assisting your community to ensure all your documents are submitted.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Getting started is easy

Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the whole process.

Image by Steven Kamenar


Contact Us

Get in touch to book a free consult and talk with our knowledgable team about the best way forward for your community.


Apply for Grant

We take the work off your plate, leading you through every aspect of the grant application process as efficiently as possible.


Receive Funding

We guarantee we'll help you receive the maximum funding available for the wildfire needs of your community.


Decrease Risk

Frontera offers tailored support to help you make the most of the funding and improve wildfire resiliency in your community.


Book a free consult:

  • Review your community's risk class and funding eligibility

  • Determine the main risks and concerns for your community

  • Get recommendations about which grant activities to pursue

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.

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