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urban forest community


Urban forest landscapes

come with their own unique challenges and opportunities that require careful consideration and expertise.

Our certified and experienced forest professionals provide high-quality, solution-focused urban forestry services, including:

drone shot of community park
Forested meadow with mountains


  • DPA Assessments: Wildfire hazard and Riparian Area Regulation (RAR)

  • Danger Tree Assessments (DTA and TRAQ) and wind-throw hazard assessments

  • General arboricultural field assessments for private landowners and developers

Plans & Prescriptions

  • Restoration planning and prescription development, including planting prescriptions

  • Full-phase arborist reports and tree replacement plans

  • Forest health, invasive species and pest management strategies

  • Municipal Planning: Urban forest strategic planning and policy reviews

forest after fire prescription
forestry professionals working in brush


  • Tree inventories and timber cruises

  • Invasive species and pest surveys

  • Forest health surveys

GIS & Spatial Analysis

  • Urban forest canopy cover analysis 

  • Drone mapping

  • 3D terrain and tree modeling 

aerial image of forest beside a lake
urban interface with forest

Find out more about our

urban forestry services. 

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