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What You Need to Know About UBCM's 2024 FireSmart Community Funding & Supports Program

Wildfire Funding

Applications Opening Soon

The 2024 intake for UBCM's FireSmart Community Funding & Supports Program (FCFS) is set to open on October 1st, 2023. Eligible applicants may submit one application until December 31, 2024.

New in 2024

Base funding will now be scaled, offering from $100,000 – $200,000 per year depending on the community's risk of wildfire (generally demonstrated by Wildland Urban Interface [WUI] Risk Class). Applicants with a WUI Risk Class of 4 or 5 may apply for $100,000 per year, while applicants with a WUI Risk Class of 1 to 3 may apply for up to $200,000 in funding per year.

While they previously only covered one year of funding, applications may now extend to 2 years. For example, if a community with higher risk class applies for funding for two years of eligible activities, they are eligible to apply for up to $400,000 (i.e. $200,000 per year).

Also new in 2024, funding may now be used toward FireSmart activities for culturally significant sites and/or green spaces.

Important FireSmart Activities Communities Can Get Funding For

  • FireSmart community wildfire education events

  • Development of a Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP)

  • FireSmart positions, such as a FireSmart Coordinator

  • Vegetation treatment and fuel management, including cultural burning or prescribed fire

  • Cross-training for firefighters

  • Structural protection units, and more!

How Frontera Can Help

Frontera walks you through the FCFS application process from start to finish. Our experienced staff will ensure your community receives the maximum funding it is eligible for and lead efforts put a wildfire resiliency plan into action for your community.

This year, we'll be taking on clients in phases in order to meet demand while continuing to deliver the highest quality service. We currently have 10 spots available in our first round, which will close at the end of October.

Send us an email to secure your spot and book a free consultation meeting with our team. We'll review your community's risk class and funding eligibility, determine remaining risks or concerns, and provide recommendations about which grant activities to pursue.

If you decide to move ahead through the application process with us, our flat rate is just $800.

To date, we've helped BC communities in need receive over $2 million in grant funding. We're here to help your community receive the support it needs to help reduce its risk from wildfire in the years ahead.


Frontera Forest Solutions logo

Frontera Forest Solutions is a forestry consultancy located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. With clients all around Western Canada, Frontera specializes in helping communities develop wildfire resiliency though innovative forest management an urban forestry, grant writing and training and curriculum development.

To explore how we can work with your community, reach out here.

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