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Who we are, why we're here, and what we do


The frontier is where communities meet the wilderness that surrounds them. It is how we engage with these natural elements around us that determine the safety, health and longevity of our communities.


Frontera began out of a deep desire to bring together people who are passionate about finding dynamic solutions to the issues that arise at the interface between our communities and our forests.

deciduous trees in forest


We are passionate professionals with high levels of technical expertise in our areas of focus. Our open, collaborative approach is what allows us to create innovative solutions that keep Frontera on the forefront of forestry and environmental management.


In addition to our internal team, Frontera also regularly partners with outside specialists in biology, ecology and technical remote sensing.

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Nick Soverel, RPF
Nick Soverel
Founder, Principal Forester
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Lauren Shinnimin, RPF
Associate Forester
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Zoltan Mityok, RPF
Zoltán Mityók
Associate Forester
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Meagan Warkentin Forestry Operations Manager
Forestry Operations Manager
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Joe Rakofsky GIS Coordinator
Joe Rakofsky
GIS Coordinator
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Derek Li GIS Technician
Derek Li
GIS Technician
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Mac Montgomery Project Lead Forester
Project Lead Forester
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Noah Sullivan Urban Forestry Technician
Noah Sullivan
Urban Forestry Technician


Frontera serves clients of all sizes – including government, First Nations, private sector, and individual landowners. 

Our clients appreciate the deep expertise, commitment to strong relationships, and innovative, cost-effective solutions that our small, dynamic team provides.

aerial image of forest and river

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