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FMP Decision Support Tool for Stakeholder Involvement

Options regarding wildfire risk reduction, cost, and value are given to clients for feedback, balancing forest health and stakeholder interest.

When crafting a Fuel Management Plan (FMP), the prescribing forester typically holds the authority to make the final decision, including thinning specifications for a forest, often with limited client input. However, it's essential to acknowledge that there isn't just one definitive decision for a forest stand; there are multiple viable options.

To address these realities, Frontera has developed a sophisticated decision support tool capable of generating feasible stand-level fuel reduction prescription options. 

Flow chart depicting the process of developing an FMP
This flowchart depicts the various steps and considerations that go into the development of a Fuel Management Plan.

Each of these options is accompanied by crucial information, including:

  • An estimation of potential fire behaviour reduction.

  • An estimation of the practicality and costs associated with the proposed activities.

  • An estimation of the merchantable value extracted from each prescription option.

Diagram that depicts the impact of wildfire on a fire-maintained forest
The predicted impact of a wildfire on a fire-maintained forest
Diagram that depicts the impact of wildfire on a fire-suppressed forest
The predicted impact of a wildfire on a fire-suppressed forest

Subsequently, all these diverse options are presented to our clients and stakeholders, actively encouraging their valuable feedback.

By considering both the outputs provided by the decision support tool and the input received from our clients and stakeholders, we can develop Fuel Management Plans that are not only easier to implement but also more economically efficient. This process ensures that the resulting FMPs strike a balance between effective fuel reduction and practical resource management, benefiting both the forest ecosystem and all involved parties.

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Authored by:

Madeline Boldt

Madeline Boldt

Madeline manages social media and content creation for Frontera.

Zoltán Mityók

Zoltán Mityók

Zoltán completed a thesis-based MSc at UBC's Faculty of Forestry and is now an associate forester at Frontera.

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