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GIS-Based Webmapping for Project Application

GIS-Based webmapping visualizes data to help stakeholders understand a project's overall meaning and value.

GIS-Based webmapping is a tool used by Frontera to further our collaboration with our clients. When communicating with clients, the use of GIS-Based webmapping allows our team to visualise our projects and recommendations in relation to the community at hand, painting a picture of what is being discussed. This tool allows clients to have a visual representation of the available data in terms of forest management and make informed decisions based on the given data. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of our recommendations, our clients can actively engage in forest management decisions, increasing involvement and ensuring that client needs are met every step of the way.

Why does this innovation matter?

GIS-based web mapping
By creating a webmap that articulates FireSmart data, Frontera assists communities in the process of protecting their communities against the threat of wildfire.

A FireSmart webmap:

  • Allows for the identification of areas requiring focused efforts to reduce FireSmart scores, and areas that require less effort

  • Facilitates wildfire planning and prioritisation by providing a visual aid for all decision makers involved and contextual spatial information

  • Assists in tracking FireSmart scores on the scales of individuals, neighbourhoods, and the community as a whole

  • Acts as an effective communication tool for community members - people can see their own scores with colour codes to easily identify their score and compare their home to others in the community

GIS-based webmapping is a valuable asset in Frontera’s arsenal, allowing clients to grasp complex spatial data easily and make informed decisions. By offering visually appealing and interactive webmaps, Frontera empowers stakeholders to explore and interpret the data effectively, facilitating informed actions.

Click here for an example of an interactive webmap.

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Authored by:

Joe Rakofsky

Joe Rakofsky

Joe holds an MSc and is GIS Coordinator at Frontera.

Madeline Boldt

Madeline Boldt

Madeline manages social media and content creation for Frontera.

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