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Mac Montgomery

Associate Forester


Originally from Edmonton but raised in Southern California, Mac found himself drawn towards the rugged forests of British Columbia in his adult years. Upon the completion of a Bachelor's degree in Forest Resources Management at UBC, he pursued an Advanced GIS Certification with BCIT. Following that, he acquired a Masters of Geomatics in Environmental Management in the Spring of 2022.

Throughout his career in the forestry industry, he has had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, from conducting prescribed burns in California to providing curriculum delivery and aid for UBC Forestry. His passion for forestry centers around fire and fuels, and he remains continuously committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise in the field in order to further benefit the forest industry as a whole.

One of his primary goals lies in shifting the paradigm of fire and fuel management from a reactionary structure to a preventative one. He firmly believes that by prioritizing proper forest management, fostering community collaboration, and investing in resiliency efforts, a more sustainable future for our forests and communities is achievable. 

In Mac’s free time he enjoys exploring the province and getting some surfing in. Feel free to talk to him about sports, video games, surfing, or camping!

Mac Montgomery
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