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Forward-thinking forest solutions

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Our Team

Frontera Forest Solutions is a forestry consulting company based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We are a team of certified and experienced  forest professionals who provide high-quality, solution-focused forestry services.

Sustainable Solutions

We work with communities of all shapes and sizes to offer a dynamic range of innovative forestry solutions.

wildfire raging beside urban community
Wildfire Resiliency

We work with communities to develop holistic fuel management prescriptions.

urban area beside a forest
Urban Forestry

Arborist reports, restoration planning, invasive management, and more.

logging equipment working in a forest
Forest Management

We help strategize and implement community forest management plans. 

aerial drone image of a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest
Drones, GIS & Modeling

Our multi-talented geospatial technicians can meet all your needs.

a group of forestry students learning in the forest
Training & Curriculum Development

We've partnered with the ABCFP to develop Wildfire Fuels Training Materials for foresters.

a person writing a forestry grant proposal
Grant Writing

We help you apply for relevant grants and receive the maximum amount of funding. 

Image by Andrew Coelho

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Working with Nick over the years, he is quick to answer a message or call. Evolving with the times through education and experience upgrades, while being his own hardest critic. It has been a pleasure.

Troy Bikadi, Lil̓’wat Nation 


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102-315 W 1st St., North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E7  |  Tel: 778-873-6742

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